Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Feel.  It wasn’t early.  It wasn’t late.  I got up and went downstairs as the rest of the house slept.  I worked on my bike.  I did some yoga.  Even with the extra hour the night before, I still wasn’t really feeling it.  But it was Sunday, and on Sunday, I ride.  I made tea, ate and slowly wrapped myself in my ride gear still sipping on my steaming beverage between layers.  I ventured out taking the long way, eventually making my way out to the pavilion.  I sat for a bit to feel the cool breeze.  From there, I rode through Mill Creek park.  I was happy to be on my bike, but to be honest, I still wasn’t feeling it.  The trail crossing the railway tracks was closed which meant a detour.  I took it as an omen that I wasn’t supposed to make it to the café for my latte that day.  I veered off and headed home instead.  I had been forcing it enough already.  My body has been trying to tell me that it would like me to ride less lately.  Like nature around me, starting to get ready for its winter sleep, my body is asking me to tone it down a bit as the days get shorter and the air colder.  Riding back, I noticed a crane floating on one of the marsh lakes.  I tried to get closer to take a photo but it didn’t like me being so close and it flew off.  It’s grace and strength so impressive as it lifted itself up with a single flap of it’s strong wings.  Airborne, it glided steadily, hovering just above the still water (sorry, I was too slow to take a picture).   It was amazingly beautiful.  And in that very moment, I finally started feeling it.  Feel.

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