Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Summer Feel

I must admit that I really have been loving this hot sunny weather.  Like leaved flora, the rays of light energizing my soul.  The sunshine absorbed by my skin initiating some kind of chemical magic inside of me that invigorates my body and mind.  Maybe it’s the natural vitamin D?   Summer has always been my favorite season.  Childhood memories of that deep relaxed post-bath feeling that I felt as a young child after a day spent outside on a hot day.  The feel of my soft PJs on my clean fresh tanned skin.  The sound of birds chirping right before dusk.  The sweet smelling, light breeze from my open bedroom window.  Falling asleep in pure peacefulness.  Hot summer nights where the heat surprises you when you step outside.  Still evenings spent with my friends endlessly practicing wheelies on our BMX bikes up our dead end street.  Pedaling our bikes into the night day after day.  So many summer memories.  Bona fide freedom.  So light and uncomplicated.  One of the things that I like most about this summer heat is how it makes me unhurried.  Sunday morning started out in a foggy haze, but the warm sun slowly burned through it.  I rode out towards Memramcook, out to Beaumont.  I hadn’t been there since last winter.  And I had forgotten how peaceful that place is.  Magical almost.  Vast sunny blue skies.  Gentle breeze.  The view across the river.  I love how taking in my surroundings from that point and moment made me feel so very small.  Insignificant.  In a good way.  All the bullshit vanishing in an instant.  Man, I love summer.