Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring flu season

We’re happy to see the snow melting at this time of the year. The fluctuations in temperatures seem to breed cold and flu viruses though. Adele woke up with a stuffy nose yesterday morning indicating that she’s likely fighting one of these bugs. This has also affected her blood sugars. The very good numbers we were dealing with on Saturday have been replaced by high numbers :-(

Weekend highlights…

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

1:35 am = 6.1 (turned off her pump for 1 hour)
7:00 am = 4.2
9:10 am = 6.9
11:41 am = 5.8 (lunch at McDonalds, yes we can eat there. We rarely go, maybe once every 2 – 3 months)
1:15 pm = 4.1 (going down way too fast, good thing we checked, she would have surely gone low. Gave her a juice and turned off her pump for 1 hour)
2:20 pm = 7.2
3:05 pm = 8.0
5:20 pm = 5.1
8:00 pm = 6.1
10:00 pm = 5.3 (going down, turned off pump for 1 hour, hopefully she’ll start going up again)
10:30 pm = 4.8 (pump off for 1 hour was not enough, gave her 8g of carbs and went to bed)

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

1:10 am = 7.4 (very good number, but I still turned her pump down a bit (-70% for 1 hour) in case she sleeps in tomorrow morning)
7:40 am = 11.1 (a bit high)
9:00 am = 14.3 (high, I did not correct we were going for a bike ride, I thought the exercise and active breakfast insulin bolus would bring it down)
9:40 am = 11.8 (still high, now I corrected with 0.3units of insulin above morning snack bolus)
11:15 am = 16.1 (still climbing, corrected with an additional 0.55units insulin)
11:50 am = 13.5 (going down, but still too high, corrected again before lunch)
1:55 pm = 6.4 (very good, but will it drop even lower?, ate snack)
4:10 pm = 5.8 (still like 1 hour before supper and her snack bolus was still active, so I gave her 8g carbs to prevent her from going low – hypoglycaemia)
5:15 pm = 15.7 (8g carbs at 4:10pm would not have been necessary, it was too much, corrected before supper)
7:25 pm = 17.7 (way too high, corrected again before bedtime snack)
8:20 pm = 13.6 (going down which is good)
9:15 pm = 15.6 (going up again, flu is making her insulin resistant, gave 0.9units insulin)
10:00 pm = 15.2
10:35 pm = 11.3 (dropping a bit too fast and I really want to go to bed, turned off pump to hopefully cause her blood sugar to stabilise or drop more slowly)
11:00 pm = 11.5 (pump off seems to have slowed down this drop, turned pump back on and went to sleep)

This morning Adele woke up at 13.1. This is too high, so to make sure that it isn’t due to a bad infusion site (catheter that delivers insulin inserted under the skin) we changed it this morning before going to school.

So, the game plan for today is to look at yesterday’s sugar patterns throughout the day and make adjustments to try to keep things in check. Here we go again…

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