Friday, April 3, 2009

What's in a word...

Until today, I used to hate the term "diabetic". Maybe it was a symptom of me not fully accepting Adele's Type 1 diagnosis, but I interpreted the term as if Adele WAS Type 1 Diabetes. She HAS Type 1 Diabetes, but that's not all there is to her. She is so much more.

So why did my thinking change today? It came to me on a bike ride this afternoon. The feeling of freedom just flying down the road on my bike was amazing. My legs and whole body working together to propel this machine was perfect I thought. I will continue to ride as long as my body will let me. I need to. I am not just someone who rides a bike, I am a "cyclist". That's when it hit me... Playing the Type 1 game is not just something a Type 1 "diabetic" does off and on, it's part of life 365 days a year, 24 hours a day without any vacations. It's constant ups and downs are ALWAYS there. And this is nothing to be ashamed of. Actually, if you're a "diabetic" or a second-hand "diabetic" like I am, be proud! You're a survivor playing one of the most complex games in the world... Not many people could do what you have been chosen to do.

My advice to the anonymous reader who left a comment on the Gettin' it post from March 25th is to hang in there. I won't lie and tell you that it becomes any easier, but you'll slowly learn how to be more effective at managing it. With Adele, her sugars are not more stable than they were in the past, but as she grows older, she now understands that sometimes she needs to drink a juice even if she's not thirsty or not eat when she's starving. This was not the case when she was 2 - 3 years old. Becoming passionate about the cause has also helped me feel more empowered while playing the Type 1 game. This year, I am looking forward to participating in...

1 - JDRF Telus Walk to Cure Type 1 Diabetes in Moncton on June 7th, 2009

2 - Accu-Check Cyclebetes National Relay for Juvenile Diabetes - August and September, 2009

3 - Mike's Bike Shop Cyclebetes 200km Ride to Cure Type 1 Diabetes on September 12th, 2009

I will never, ever stop doing all that I can do to help find a cure. And we've got a huge party planned for when that day comes... I can't wait.

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Christiane said...

It feels really comforting to read your stories. We will also be walking on June 7th and I hope that we get invited to that party of yours when that day finally comes that there is a cure. Thanks for the encouragement. It helps. (no longer anonymous)