Friday, April 24, 2009

When life messes with your game plan...

I've made a few basal insulin adjustments the last few nights that seem to be working pretty good. Last night, as we were getting ready to go to the Dieppe Volunteer appreciation ceremony at Mathieu-Martin, Adele tells us that she feels low. This is less than 1 hour after supper, so a low so soon after a meal is quite unlikely. We test and yes she's low. Her sugar is 2.7. Not sure where that came from? So the rush to get ready for the Volunteer ceremony suddenly changed to a rush to give Adele some much needed sugar. How dare life (going to a Volunteer appreciation ceremony) make us lose our Type 1 game focus! We forced her to drink a juice and eat some crackers. Low blood glucose means sugar starved brain cells which means a very unreasonable 8 year old. "I don't like that kind of juice!" is Adele's reply, while we're fumbling to get her to eat / drink anything at all to litterally save her life. The rest of the day was quite good, but like always the 2.7 after supper is just Type 1's way of reminding us that it's always there just waiting for a chance to bite.

Here are yesterday's game highlights:

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

1:20 am = 9.1 (good, we aim for a bit higher sugars during the night to give a buffer in case she drops while everyone sleeps)
6:50 am = 9.9 (a bit high, corrected before breakfast)
8:55 am = 10.3 (still highish, gave another 0.2 units of insulin)
9:50 am = 4.3 (awesome value before am snack)
10:50 am = 6.9 (very good)
11:45 am = 7.3 (also very good before lunch)
1:30 pm = 11.2 (highish, but didn't give any insulin - lunch insulin bolus still active, will wait until 2:45)
2:45 pm = 10.1 (going down slowly, I didn't correct before Adele got on the school bus to go to daycare)
3:10 pm = 5.9 (very good before pm snack)
5:00 pm = 6.4 (very good before supper)
6:25 pm = 2.7 (where did this low come from? gave her 20 grams fast acting carbs, supper insulin bolus is still very active)
6:40 pm = 4.6 (out of danger, going up but maybe not enough, gave her a Dex 4 glucose tablet)
7:30 pm = 9.6 (going up too fast?, gave her 0.3 units of insulin to prevent a subsequent high)
8:50 pm = 8.1
9:50 pm = 6.2 (going down too much?, turned off her pump for 30 minutes hoping to create a slight upward trend)
10:40 pm = 7.5 (looking good)
11:05 pm = 9.3 (going up too fast now, guesstimated that 0.35 units of insulin will reverse this, gave her the insulin and went to bed)

Friday, April 24th, 2009

1:10 am = 8.9 (very good for nighttime, no intervention needed, thank you Type 1 gods - we can go back to sleep!)
7:15 am = 7.8 (good before breakfast)

Next Thursday, April 30th, Adele and I are looking forward to attending the UPS JDRF fundraiser kickoff event. Have a good weekend everyone !

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Anonymous said...

C'est vraiment une éducation ton blog, je réalisais pas ce que ça voulais dire de vivre avec Type 1 Diabetes. C'est super, continue je pense c'est vraiment une bonne chose que tu fais.