Thursday, February 16, 2023

36 days

This bike my bolster.  This horizon my mantel.  This nature my alter.  Sunday mornings.  They are for riding.  It’s just how it’s been for the longest time now.  Drawing circles with my legs in this ruminative serenity.  Everything slows down.  That’s one thing that I love most about deep winter rides in the woods.  The unhurried quiet and tranquility.  Cresting a short incline, I come face to face with a deer practicing his yoga mountain pose in the center of the trail ahead.  I too gently halt.  Maybe I should try to get a picture.  Naw…  That would just ruin this moment.  I simply relish in our mutual presence.  After a few minutes, another deer joins the party and they both gracefully hop off the trail and disappear into the forest.  I start pedaling again.  Glancing out into the vast woodland that just swallowed my new friends as I ride by.  They’re long gone.  I’m on a 36 day meditation streak.  Motivated by just finishing a 6 week meditation program at @puravidadieppe.  I have been meditating for about 8 years now.  Off and on.  Mostly off at the end of last year.  This course gave me the nudge that I needed to set me back on track.  15 minutes each day.  Like brushing my teeth, I wanted to make sitting in silence compulsory.  In his book, journalist Dan Harris estimates that daily meditation makes him 10% happier.  After my 6 week trial, I can also confidently agree that sitting on my mediation bench daily improves my solo rides by at least the same margin.  Not faster.  Slower.  And stronger.  Enhanced presence is one of my favorite meditation presents.