Saturday, March 21, 2009

JDRF Kids for a Cure

Adele and I met with our local MP Mr. Brian Murphy last week as part of "Kids for a Cure Awareness week". Our mission was to increase awareness of JDRF and Type 1 Diabetes as well as to ask Mr. Murphy to write a letter to key Ministers in Ottawa requesting funding for JDRF's Clinical Trial Network proposal. Mr. Murphy was very accomodating and listened to what we had to say and also agreed to send the funding request letter to Ottawa. He also spoke to Adele (in french which was great) and told her that she had alot of courage and that what we were doing was very good. The meeting was very successful in my opinion and hopefully will help us find a cure for Type 1 a bit faster...

Since we've been back from our Florida vacation, Adele's sugars had been quite good. Like I told the diabetes nurse, these good numbers were not due to a different game plan, it's just that Adele's body was cooperating.
Yesterday however this winning streak came to an abrupt halt. Adele's body no longer wanted to cooperate. Here are some game highlights:

Friday, March 20th
12:30 am = 19.3 (way too high, gave 0.65u of insulin)
2:35 am = 19.8 (way too high, gave another 0.85u of insulin)
6:50 am = 14.8 (still too high, inserted new infusion catheter, corrected before breakfast)
8:05 am = 7.3 (very good sugar :-) )
5:15 pm = 13.5 (still high, corrected before supper)
7:15 pm = 18.4 (way too high, here we go again I thought, gave 1.5u of insulin)
9:10 pm = 4.6 (good number, but too low before bed, small snack and turned off pump for 1 hour)
10:20 pm = 4.3 (still too low before bed, turned off pump for another hour)
11:00 pm = 4.8 (still too low, but with pump off for past 2 hours sugar should go back up, I hoped / thought and went to bed...)

Saturday, March 21st
1:05 am = 14.6 (going up too fast due to insulin debt caused by pumped turned off for 2 hours, gave 0.4u of insulin to compensate)
3:30 am = 16.6 (still going up, gave another 0.55u of insulin to try to bring sugar down)
7:15 am = 9.7 (not bad)

Hopefully things will stabilise soon. They usually do... And just when you think you've got it under control again, the Type 1 gods sucker punch you with a left hook. It's all part of the game...

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Wow! What a weekend!