Saturday, October 24, 2009

Flipping out

The past few days had been good. So good, that I caught myself saying to myself that playing the Type 1 game ain't so bad. Now, I've been playing this game long enough to know that I shouldn't be telling myself such things since it is always followed by a reminder of how difficult a game this can be.

This last Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) sensor has been working very well. We even got an exact match in readings when we calibrated on Wednesday morning. Adele was all excited that both the CGM and her meter returned the exact same blood glucose value. We even took a picture.

Today, the morning started with a low (3.7). Her CGM said 5.0, a bit off, but not too bad. I backed off Adele's breakfast insulin bolus since she was swimming at 10am. She went up to 9.0 before starting to come back down before leaving for the pool. She ate a snack and I didn't bolus. She was 8.9 before getting into the pool. Since her breakfast bolus (1.4 units) had not yet peaked and that she was on her own during her 1 hour swimming lesson, I gave her 1 Dex tablet (4g carbs) just to make sure. She was 12.1 after her swimming. Less snack (or a bit of insulin) would have been best, but that's the way it goes sometimes. I gave 0.8 units insulin to bring this down.

After swimming, we went to the market and she ate a sorbet followed by her lunch. Less than 1 hour after lunch, she's already low (3.7). I turn off her pump for 1 hour and give her juice and crackers. 1 hour later she's just 4.2, so she eats a few more crackers and her pump is turned off for another hour. She's low and just can't seem to go up. A few hours later, before supper, her sugar is 8.3. One hour after supper her pump says 5.6 with 2 down arrows which means she's dropping fast (likely already in the 4s or 3s). She was very, very sensitive to insulin which was causing her sugar to drop all afternoon.... Until tonight.... I backed off insulin to cover her evening snack since she was so low all afternoon. But then, suddenly things flipped and she became very, very resistant to insulin. Her sugar climbed to 17.5 before she went to bed, I correct with 0.6 units. One hour later, she went up to 18.9. Arrrrgh !!!!! I corrected again with 1.0 units. Will it be enough or too much? Who knows? It's just another day playing the T1 game.

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