Thursday, December 17, 2020

Trust me

Who can we trust?  Trust seems so difficult to earn these days.  Living on guard, afraid of being ripped off.  Protecting and safeguarding our stuff and reputation.  Fearful of being taken advantage of.  In a society that prioritizes profit, authentic human relationships have become quite rare.  Almost everyone is basically just doing business, constantly on edge, watching everyone else’s next move.  People politely using people for personal gain.  We just can’t trust anyone anymore.  No wonder anxiety disorders are currently at epidemic levels.  All humans innately come with trust.  It isn’t something that we learn.  We’re all born trusting.  So the real question is how can we reclaim this trust?  Trusting that we are enough.  Trusting that we are exactly how and where we need to be in this moment.  Trusting that everything that we require is already inside of us.  Society teaches us doubt.  And this is what slowly robs of us of our built-in trust.  Doubt means no.  Trust means yes.  Doubt means fear.  Trust means love.  Doubt means death.  Trust means life.  Doubt means ego.  Trust means soul.  Doubt means thought.  Trust means feel.  Who can we trust?  The most important person is our own self.  It all begins with self-trust.  Hope.  Confidence.  Liberation.  Trust me.  


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