Friday, January 1, 2021




What’s this really all about?  What’s the point?  As this year comes to an end, I ponder.  I’ve been going through this existential crisis of sorts for a few years now.  Mid life.  A coming of age.  Around me, the crowds all seem to be chasing success, fame, power and riches.  Go big or go home.  All that I want to do really is go deep and stay home.  I have mostly always felt like an outsider, like I was playing this character in someone else’s story.  Escorted by the masses.  Following the rules.  Doing what I was told.  Conforming.  All the while, still waiting for the “living happily ever after” part like they promised.  Maybe “living happily ever after” isn’t just about our titles, accomplishments and stuff?  Maybe it’s much more?  My schooling taught me how to earn a living, but it hadn’t taught me how to cultivate a happy life.  Fat biking along this frozen riverfront as the sun sets, a certain understanding begins to surface inside of me like it does so very often when I’m out on my bike.  Maybe happiness isn’t something that we can learn or achieve with our mind?  Maybe happiness is something that we can only feel by opening our heart?  Maybe happiness is what appears when our heart becomes the master and our mind its servant instead of the other way around?  As 2020 comes to a close, may your inner journey towards happiness be at the top of your priority list.  Follow your heart.  Let it open.  It knows.  Happy New Year friends !!

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