Thursday, February 4, 2021

Meditation Part 4

Meditation.  Part four.  I have probably read about meditation more than I have actually practiced it.  Some people describe periods of no mind.  Blissful bouts of no thoughts whatsoever.  I haven’t really had that experience yet.  Maybe I will in the future?  Maybe I won’t?  Either way is fine.  I don’t practice to achieve anything really.  That’s the point.  Do and be absolutely nothing.  Seasoned meditators are meditating all the time.  Using their minds only when necessary.  Stepping out of their egos the rest of the time.  I am certainly not there yet.  But I do catch myself much more often when I get overwhelmed in my thoughts which still happens all the time.  This heightened awareness gives me time to take a step back before reacting.  I remember reading about Monks who regularly meditate on death.  The practice is called Maranasati.  Picturing their corpse laying motionless in a coffin.  I first thought that it was a very stupid and morbid thing to do.  Until I was reminded of the fact that we’re all going to die, that we’re all actually dying at the moment.  And this simple realization instantly made all of my petty worries disappear.  It put everything in perspective.  It made this present moment the most precious thing, the only thing really.  This isn’t a dress rehearsal.  The time to enjoy, appreciate and love ‘what is’ is always now.   My next bike ride may be my last.  I must never forget this truth.  And let it deepen the experience and transform my life.  While working in a nursing home as a university student,  I noticed 2 types of residents.  Those who were bitter and those who were peacefully content.  For the longest time, I couldn’t understand what made the difference.  Now, I believe that the difference was in their ability to meditate.  Even if they were not necessarily aware of what they were doing, it was still a form of meditation.  Maybe that’s the secret to living a happy life?  Maybe it’s as simple as meditating through it?


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