Thursday, November 27, 2008

Flu season

Flu season is in full swing. Lots of kids are sneezing and coughing at Adele's daycare and school. Flus and colds almost always affect Adele's blood sugars. They tend to go up!

A mild cold or flu is like losing weeks of work adjusting insulin doses. You basically need to start over. Doses or scales that have been working are no longer enough, but you're not sure how much more insulin is needed to try to keep things in check.

For the past 2 days, Adele's blood glucose levels have shot up dramatically and I'm a bit lost as to how much insulin she needs to get them down again. Although her cold symptoms are minor (if she did not have diabetes, we wouldn't even know her immune system is fighting a cold).

Last night after a low (3.6) at 9 pm, Adele's sugar climbed to 11.5 at 1 am. We corrected with 0.2 units of insulin which would usually be enough. I had a feeling that this time it wasn't sufficient, but since we needed to sleep I wasn't too aggresive. This "feeling" caused me to wake up on my own at 4:30 am. I checked her sugar and she had gone up to 21.5! I gave her 1.1u and she woke up 2 hours later at 5.6.

Hopefully that the insulin scale guesstimates that I'm using today will be enough while not causing her sugars to drop too low...

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