Friday, November 21, 2008


What's the difference between Type 1 (Juvenile) and Type 2 Diabetes?

Unlike Type 2, Type 1 is not lifestyle related. A person cannot get Type 1 because of a poor diet, lack of exercise or eating too much sugar. Type 1 or Juvenile Diabetes is an autoimmune disorder that cannot be prevented or cured. A person develops Type 1 when their immune system mistakenly attacks the pancreas destroying it's ability to produce insulin. A Type 2 diabetic's pancreas is intact and still produces insulin, but his/her body can't utilize this insulin effectively.

Unlike Type 2, Type 1 cannot be controlled by diet and ALWAYS requires insulin therapy (mulitple daily insulin injections). Insulin is not a cure, it simply keeps the Type 1 diabetic alive by delaying complications.

Type 1 Diabetes cannot be outgrown. It's a life sentence.

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