Wednesday, November 25, 2020

These eyes

Our entire existence in a single glance.  These eyes.  Speaking so much louder than these words.  All there.  In plain sight.  Our entire story.  In this faces covered by masks era of our human history, our eyes have become so much more pronounced.  Mirrors.  Reflecting back to us who and what we are.  Connecting us.  Teaching us so very much, even more than all of the books.  These eyes.  Always revealing the truth.  Giving us all the answers.  It’s all there.  These windows to our souls.  All we need to do is open our eyes.  With the shorter days this time of the year, my eyes are having a hard time seeing through this darkness.  The ghastly parts of me resurfacing after being dormant all summer.  This isn’t about negativity.  It’s about honesty and humanity.  This season of extended darkness seems to be bringing up the masked darkness inside of me.  These eyes.  Wide open.  Recklessly looking for the light.  This dense heaviness, it can’t be chased away.  There’s nothing to do but look at it straight in the eyes.  To sit down with it in this dim silence.  To feel what it is asking to be felt.  Unafraid.  In this stillness, I begin to notice the stars amidst this lingering night.  Hope.  The real kind.  Abiding hope that can only be born from darkness.  Wait.  Watch.  Feel.  Surrender.  Soon, this frozen land will be covered in a blanket of snow.  Maybe that’s why snow is white?  To brighten things up for these eyes during this dark season.


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