Thursday, November 5, 2020


The north breeze is fierce and wintry.  Temperature is just above freezing.  Unseasonably cold for the end of October.  In this open area, I continue my jaunt.  On my bike.  Outside.  Mingling with these raw elements.  Outside of my comfort zone.  Outside of myself.  The frigid wind gusts making my eyes water.  Warm tears rolling down my cheek.  Overflowing onto the inside lens of my glasses.  I stop to wipe them clean.  Standing there, I am reminded of the ride that is also happening within.  Not resisting.  This strong cold current.  Somehow, seemingly bringing light to certain inner obstacles just by being out there, facing these outer obstacles.  Focus on these feelings.  Focus on these words.  Nature is such a powerful force.  Perfectly honest.  Courage seeking.  My relationship with cold weather isn’t really straightforward.  I often feel like my body just wasn’t built for it.  Unattuned.  Allowing myself to feel how this chill physically affects me, observing how my body responds to it.  Strangely, these tears trickling down my face, although not triggered by emotion, seem to help these feelings flow.  Comforting discomfort… 

@jamesonthefront started this cool ongoing project thing where he posts #facesofcycling / #humansofcycling to show the human emotions stirred on our rides.  As a solitude seeker type of rider, here is my ride selfie from last Friday.  Numb on the outside.  So very alive on the inside.


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