Thursday, November 25, 2021

Racing to our grave

Racing to our grave.  Faster and faster.  Fooling ourselves.  Calling it progress.  The evolution of this society.  Endlessly pursuing these promised rewards.  Going for the win.  They keep dangling these carrots.  But I’ve come to a point where I just can’t keep chasing them anymore.  What’s the point?  Too many empty promises.  Hopefully waking up from this trance before it’s too late.  The cemetery is already full of way too much regret.  This one and only life.  Shouldn’t we be taking our sacred time?  So much advice to help us live longer.  Eat healthy.  Exercise regularly.  More years.  More time.  More moments.  But what’s the point if we insist on rushing through them?  To get more things done?  To check more things off our bucket list?  Longevity and speed.  Can they really feasibly co-exist?  Caught up in all these comparisons.  The seeds that breed our separation.  The cause of these wars.  I’m done fighting.  No winners.  Only losers.  Standing here.  On my own podium.  Everything that I need to be healthy and happy already inside of me.  In unlimited abundance.  Everyone is beautiful.  Everyone has so much to give.  The problem is that we’re not shown how to shine.  Just too damn busy.  Caught up in this endless grind.  Racing to our grave.

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