Thursday, August 20, 2009

The biggest bike relay in the world !!

We're still surviving in this game called Type 1. I'm still not sure how the heat affects Adele's blood sugars. It seems to cause her sugars to go high. We've been telling her to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. How does the heat affect blood sugars for other Type 1 gamers out there?

Tuesday started out good, but then Adele's sugars started to creep up late afternoon into the evening and night. Here are the highlights:

Tuesday, August 18th
7:30 am - > 5.0
8:45 am -> 5.5
11:15 am -> 5.9
2:30 pm -> 12.8 (too high, gave 0.3 units insulin)
3:30 pm -> 12.0 (still too high before afternoon snack)
5:20 pm -> 15.5 (way too high before supper)
8:45 pm -> 17.5 (still way too high)
9:25 pm -> 18.1 (still going up, corrected with 0.5 units insulin)
11:00 pm -> 13.2 (still high, gave another 0.6 units insulin)

Thinking that this upward trend was going to continue, I decided to give Adele a bit more insulin to cover her supper the next day. This caused her to go low (3.3) before her bedtime. I guess my gameplan wasn't so good :-(

The biggest bike relay in the world is set to begin on Sunday, August 23rd in Halifax. The Accu-Check Cyclebetes relay to Cure Type 1 Diabetes will have teams of cyclists biking from Halifax to Vancouver over a 3 week period. On Saturday morning, we're leaving for Halifax (by car). I will be riding as part of the Maritimes team. Our journey will be from Halifax to the Quebec border.

August 23rd - from Halifax to Moncton (300 kms - hopefully hurricane Bill won't blow us off the road!!!)
August 24th - from Moncton to Fredericton (200 kms - we'll be at Mike's Bike Shop in Dieppe from 8am to 9am, come meet the team including Type 1 Canadian Olympic rower Chris Jarvis and bring your bike for our short ride before our departure)
August 25th - from Fredericton to Edmundston (310 kms)
August 26th - handoff to the Quebec team before driving back home

I will try to post pics and details daily on this blog. Can't wait to get started !!!


Emma'sDad said...

Hey Mike, just a couple of things.

1) at 9:25pm, if Emma were 18.1, we would probably have corrected her a full unit on MDI. 1 unit for us brings her down about 10 points.

2) Good luck on your ride this weekend! That's quite the ride!! Praying so that Bill doesn't give you too much of a hard time! Take care!

Christiane said...

What you guys are doing is great but BILL is abit scary right now. I hope you will make it to Moncton not to drenched. Have fun! If the weather is good, we might see you in Moncton.