Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I was just thinking how Adele's blood sugars affect my mood. A good day playing the Type 1 game makes for a good day for me in general. I'm just in a better mood. Little things like slow traffic, spilled milk, a flat tire on a bike ride will never ruin a good day playing the Type 1 game for me. And the best is when we're on a winning streak. It feels like playing on an undefeated hockey team during the playoffs. You're on a high and can even get a bit cocky. "The Type 1 game isn't so bad after all" is what I sometimes tell myself. I'll even sometimes think that this time we've got it beaten, that the basal insulin rates and carb ratio scales that we're using will keep working like this from now on. Then, suddenly, without warning, the winning streak abruptly comes to an end. This is inevitable. It always happens eventually. This is what ruins my day and puts me in a bad mood. It reminds me of what it's really like to play the Type 1 game. It's Diabetes way of communicating to us that it's still there and that we can never ever forget about it. But, we still often get caught off guard.

Last week we spent 3 days vacationing in PEI. It was a real fun vacation with real nice weather. We had inserted a new Continuous Glucose Monitor sensor before leaving. I find that the first 3 - 4 days are when the sensor works best. After that it sometimes gets messed up and starts giving false readings. The CGM is a pain to insert and calibrate, but a real Type 1 luxury especially when your activities are out of the ordinary like vacationing in PEI. The first day, Adele suddenly became very sensitive to insulin. Her pump kept giving us low blood sugar alarms. We have the low alarm set to 4.5 mmol/L to give us a warning before she is low (below 4.0), but there is always a delay in the sensor reading, so even if the sensor says 4.5, she may be lower than that. Adele needed many extra snacks on the first day to avoid these lows. We also had 3 or 4 low blood sugar alarms during the first night. At least we're on vacation right? I backed off her insulin for day 2, but we still needed extra snacks to avoid lows. I backed off her insulin even more for day 3 and she had alot less lows. But we only stayed for 3 days, so guess what happened when we got home after the vacation? It took another 2 days to slowly bring her insulin intake back up again because at home she was now tending to run high. Fun game...

This week, with the daycare routine, I made a few small changes and her sugars have been quite good which means that I'm in a good mood.

Another thing that keeps me in a good mood is my upcoming participation in the Accu-Check Cyclebetes National bike relay to Cure Diabetes. It is the biggest bike relay in the world. I am riding the New Brunswick and Nova Scotia legs (from Halifax to Edmunston in 3 days).

Sunday, Aug 23rd - Halifax to Moncton (approx. 300 kms)
Monday, Aug 24th - Moncton to Fredericton (approx. 180 kms)
Tuesday, Aug 25th - Fredericton to Edmundston (approx. 300 kms)

It's a relay so the total distance is shared amongst the team of 10 riders. They also have a tandem bike that we're supposed to ride. I'm also bringing my own bike and would like to ride as much as possible even if it's not my "turn". Canadian Type 1 Olympic rower Chris Jarvis will be riding with us also. We will be at Mike's Bike Shop on Monday, Aug 24th from 8am to 9am. You can drop in to meet Chris. Bring your bike, Chris and the rest of the team will be going for a short bike ride with all guests (including the kids) before we leave at 9am. I will try to post regular updates during the ride (daily). If I don't have access to an internet connection, I will post some pics and comments upon my return. The Cyclebetes website is

Now, let's see how long this Type 1 game winning streak (and good mood) will last...

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