Thursday, October 29, 2020

Waiting and Watching

Wanting.  Wanting newer and better stuff.  Wanting our circumstances to be different.  Wanting this pandemic to be over.  Wanting things to be the way they were before.  Wanting everyone else to think and act like we do.  Wanting to be right.  Wanting to be heard.  Wanting to be seen.  So much wanting.  So much discontentment.  What if instead of wanting, we shifted our focus to waiting and watching?  Waiting for things to get better.  Waiting for life to unfold naturally.  Waiting for things to work themselves out.  Watching to come to know and understand ourselves better.  Watching to make room for what we need to surface.  Watching to realize that what we need isn’t necessarily what we want.  So many humans stuck in continuous wanting.  All other living species patiently waiting and watching.  This human condition, making us truly believe that we know best what we need.  Every other specie simply trusting nature.  Waiting.  Watching.  I have been bringing warm tea with me on my rides lately as the days get colder.  Alone.  I find a peaceful spot in the woods to stop and drink my warm beverage.  I call it “forestea”.  If it isn’t already a thing, I’m making it one.  Immersed in nature.  Sipping.  Waiting.  Watching.  Savoring the moment, not interfering with it.  This waiting season.  No expectations.  No wanting.  Just watching it all unfold naturally.


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