Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Le soleil

The sun.  In French, le soleil.  “Le” and not “La”.  Why didn’t the French make the word feminine in gender?  So very radiant and nurturing.  The ultimate giver of life.  The quintessential mother of our universe.  Earth’s glowing goddess.  It’s rays our lifeline.  It’s energy our life source.  Without sunlight, every single living thing on this planet dies.  Even if I am incapable of using sunlight to synthesize my food, I have come to see myself in plants lately.  Hiding and even withering in the dark.  Constantly seeking the slightest hint of luminosity.  I started light therapy last winter in an attempt to resuscitate myself back to life during the dark season.  My own version of a human greenhouse.  Now that the stronger spring sun has arrived, the need to expose myself to artificial light has certainly diminished.  When I can’t see or feel the sun’s rays, I must remind myself that it’s still up there.  Still shining even when hidden behind the thick cloud cover.  After a cold, dark and dreary last week, we were gifted with three days of weekend sun.  Which materialized into three days of riding bikes.  Solo road rides on Friday and Sunday on the Giant Defy.  Quiet country roads highlighted by star studded weathered garages and old barns.  Sacred rides, the bread sandwiching an urban exploration outing on Saturday with my best friend on our BMX cruisers hitting every single BMX skatepark in town.  A three day mini staycation under these deep blue skies.  Almost 9 hours of pedaling in 3 days.  A huge leap in mileage after almost a full month of very limited riding.  I was certainly feeling it Monday morning.  Or it may simply be the lack of sunlight as we entered another stretch of cold, dark and dreary weather.  Spring is here, mixing things up, making us feel impatient.  But summer is definitely coming.  It’s just covered by this temporary thick cloud cover.

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