Thursday, October 14, 2021


Both knees gently resting on my yoga mat.  Both buttocks firmly seated on my meditation bench.  Simply staring into this abyss.  Noticing the textures and nuances of the darkness behind my eyelids.  These ripples.  Gently unrolling with each and every breath.  I feel like I’m sitting in a pool of water.  Submerged up to my lower lip.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Let it all come up.  Let it all move through me.  Things have been a bit rocky as of late.  My anxiety getting the best of me.  Simply sitting with these feelings.  May I be happy.  May I be healthy.  May I be safe.  May I be at peace.  Ever so slowly I begin to feel it all trickle down into the floor below.  The water level slowly subsiding.  My breathing less labored.  My shoulders that much lighter.  Grounded.  Ready to tackle this weekend.  I long to get out there.  To taste the spaciousness of these quiet roads.  On the cusp of this autumn peak, the tree tops are on fire.  Reds.  Oranges.  Yellows.  Breathtaking.  Much cooler than it was the day before.  The wind has changed.  Blowing from the north east as if it is trying to extinguish this treetop color explosion.  103 kms, a metric century on Friday.  51 kms of gravel on Sunday.  And 31 kms on the mountain bike in Fundy National park on Monday.  So very much to be thankful for on this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.  Health.  Family.  Friends.  My yoga mat.  My meditation bench.  And of course my bikes.


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