Thursday, December 4, 2008

What does it take?

Adele's sugars have been yoyo-ing a bit for the past days. An insulin dose that was causing her sugar to go low after breakfast earlier was now causing her sugar to shoot up a few days later for no apparent reason.

I have been struggling as of late with our chosen Diabetes management methodoloy. Are we testing Adele's blood sugar too much? How much is too much? There is no right or wrong answer to this, it's a personal thing. But I keep second guessing myself based on various opinions that I read or hear on the subject. I need to be confident in my decision and move forward...

I am pleased today that Adele's sugars are better than earlier in the week. The up and down cycle seems to have stabalized. Adele was low (3.4) this morning when she woke up. She told me she felt low which is good, because usually she doesn't feel her lows. As soon as she told me I felt panicky and gave her a bit of juice right away. I tried to calm down and talk to myself before I confirmed our assumptions with a blood glucose check.

Her sugar started to creep up after breakfast though (10.8 before dropping her off at school) and she would have been high for sure at snack time if I hadn't corrected with 0.6 units of insulin. She was 6.2 before her mid-morning snack and 6.5 before lunch (target is 7.0, so that was a very good). The extra blood glucose checks may be annoying, but it's what it takes to try to keep things in check.

Hopefully our Type 1 gaming luck will continue for the remainer of the week.

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