Friday, January 9, 2009

At what cost?

Type 1 Diabetes is a very, very expensive disease. It's sad but not all patients are able to afford the same treatment.

Adele's treatment currently costs between $900 and $1000 cdn per month. This includes all of her test strips, pump supplies, insulin and everything else that we need to best control her Diabetes. And this does not include the insulin pump itself which cost a bit over $6000 cdn. The Type 1 game is a very expensive game to play. Too bad we couldn't decide, because our choice would be that we didn't want to play anymore... But that's not how it works. I'll elaborate on that some more in a future post.

We would certainly go bankrupt if it weren't for our insurance plan that now covers 100% of most of Adele's supplies. But not all families have that luxury. I've heard stories of families where one parent's full salary was going to their child's diabetes care. I know of someone who sold their 2nd car in order to buy an insulin pump. Imagine having this financial burden on top of all of your other bills... Would you be one of the lucky ones who can afford the best possible Type 1 treatment for you or one of your loved ones?

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