Thursday, January 29, 2009

Force feeding and game highlights

Thanks for the comments.

I had never really noticed what Adele had for supper in the picture from the January 7th entry. It looks like one of her favorites which is cheese/veggie nachos with chocolate milk and ice cream for dessert. And yes, we also go through times (when she’s low or going low) where we just want her to eat something. For Type 1 diabetics who can’t afford or choose not to be on the pump, they need to eat at mealtime. A light meal means less insulin which also translates to a light snack or no snack at all or an extra insulin shot to cover the snack. This can get quite stressful when dealing with this with young children. We went through this when Adele was first diagnosed at 2 years old.

Sugars have been good with some ups and downs yesterday. I’m quick to point out when things don’t go well, so I thought I’d also post when things are going better.
Here are the game highlights for the last 2 days:

6:55 am = 7.0
9:50 am = 6.2
11:45 am = 6.9
1:45 pm = 15.7 :-(
3:00 pm = 12.1
5:15 pm = 9.7
8:30 pm = 14.4 :-(
10:30 pm = 3.4 :-(

Today (Thursday) so far
7:05 am = 3.8 (should be higher when she wakes up – need to back off morning basal)
9:00 am = 8.6
11:15 am = 7.5
1:50 pm = 4.3
2:50 pm = 5.6

I’m still not sure about this evening though, Adele went high a bit then too low (hard to eat when she’s sleeping :-( )

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