Wednesday, May 13, 2020


Change.  Always there.  A lifelong constant.  Why do we resist it so much?  Our minds struggling to find something solid to grab onto.  Always looking for an anchor.  We panic as we feel ourselves drift.  Nothing  remains the same as it once was.  Everything constantly changing.  Life is so very dynamic this way.  Being alive means living in a persistent shift.  We all wish that things would stay the same.  That we wouldn’t grow old.  That our children wouldn’t grow up.  That our happiness would be everlasting.  But this ceaseless metamorphosis is what makes everything beautiful.  A real flower is so much more beautiful than a fake plastic one even if the latter lasts forever.  It’s beauty fleeting, momentary.  And that briefness is exactly why it is so perfectly pretty.  A life without change is a plastic life.  A much cheaper simulation.  As the season changes, I am also beginning to feel my body change.  Mostly when I ride.  Fluidity.  Souplesse.  A very deep sense of happiness as the summer cycling pieces of me slowly fall into place.  I realize that there will come a day when I won’t be able to ride anymore.  It’s inevitable.  All part of life’s essence of constant change.  And that makes me appreciate still being able to ride today even more.  This moment.  Constantly slipping away.  Health.  Focus.  Creativity.  Change.

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