Friday, May 8, 2020


Colour.  Flowers and rainbows.  Spring reminding us that colourful things are almost always beautiful things.  A rich diversity in tones certainly makes the world a better place.  Like all ecosystems that thrive when chock-full of a boundless mix of various species, each having a specific role in keeping the whole naturally in balance.  The cycle of life in perfect harmony.  Nature flourishes and rises in a vast diversity of colour.  Why does human society’s mold want us all to be monochromatic, all the same?  Our vibrant beauty hidden as we all try to fit in.  Our distinct inner and outer shades make each and everyone of us wonderfully unique even if we are also all interconnected, all part of the same rainbow.  Break out of the old mold.  Be you.  Show the world your colours, the brilliant colours that live inside of your heart.  Everything is so much better in living colour.  The emerging new earth.  In full.  Colour.

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