Tuesday, May 26, 2020

That gut feeling

Life is short.  Why do we keep rushing through it?  So much to do.  So little time.  Maybe it’s not that we have too much to do?  Maybe it’s that we’re not doing the right stuff?  In the simplest terms, that’s exactly what life really is.  Doing stuff.  For a while.  We take it so seriously, but in reality that’s all it is.  Time to do stuff.  We get to choose.  And in the end, our regrets are simply having done the wrong stuff.  So, how do we know what stuff that we should be doing?  The answer is always in the gut.  Our gut knows.  Listen to your gut.  It’s always right.  It always knows.  Last Friday was a gorgeous day.  Sunny and unseasonably warm.  Perfect for a ride out to the coast taking the long road less travelled.  Chip seal, gravel, some dirt, near zero traffic and road side couches.  I had mapped the loop last year, but had never gotten to ride it.  This was the day.  My longest ride of the year.  Unhurried, and powered by eggs and bacon, my legs felt fluid.  Not fast, but strong.  It’s a strange, but very pleasant, feeling.  A deep sense of comfort and well-being, my butt comfortably perched on my saddle, my legs spinning smooth circles.  Familiar.  Like a baby being rocked in his cradle.  Revealing.  Knowing.  A pathway to my gut.  That’s one of the best gifts that riding always gives me.  That intuitive internal gut connection.  The day capped off with Kombucha, supper with family and an evening walk with our dog Zen.  Simple.  Blessed.  Happy.  A day that ended, knowing in my gut, that I had done the right stuff.

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