Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Thankful.  Thankful for my health.  Thankful for my family.  Thankful for my friends.  Thankful for my dog.  Thankful for clean drinking water and food on the table.  Thankful to have a warm bed to sleep in.  Thankful for Octobers.  Thankful for bikes.  Thankful to still be able to ride.  Thankful for the squirrel that I willingly shared my cookie with yesterday.  Thankful for this life.  All of it.  Thankful for all of these things that will one day be gone.  This weekend was Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada.  A reminder of life’s impermanence, of its ephemerality.  A reminder that life isn’t something that is meant to be conquered, that it isn’t a game that needs to be won.  A reminder that life is simply asking  to be experienced in all of its splendor, to be savored fully as it is.  A reminder to live the life that we have instead of wanting things to be different.  A reminder to stop and notice.  And for this I am also thankful for Thanksgivings.  Thanks for the reminder.  Everyone benefits from more gratefulness.  Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian friends.  Thankful.


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