Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Fall. For some reason, I have been much more aware of the seasonal change this autumn. It’s kind of like I’ve been sitting back, literally watching Mother Nature slowly redecorate. Noticing may be motivating me to ride more? Or riding may be motivating me to notice more? Either way I win, and feel more connected to nature and it’s rhythm. Riding through this section of the trail, I noticed the floating leaves as they fell off branches, graciously dancing as they were gently drawn to the earth, seemingly happy to join the rest of their siblings laying on the ground. The trees had worked so very hard all summer to grow all of these leaves. And then, just like that, they let them all go in a breathtaking, colorful masterpiece, not minding that they will have to grow them all back next Spring. Maybe my solo autumn rides aren’t as much about what they give me? Maybe my solo autumn rides are more about what they encourage me to let go? Fall.

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