Tuesday, October 29, 2019


Listen.  Rides are spontaneous things that materialize from inside of me.  Part of it is me trying to run away.  The other part is an invitation to listen to what is asking to be heard in the moment.  That is my motivation.  That is what pushes me to get out.  After a few weeks of patiently waiting for a saddle sore to heal, I craved the simple feeling of pedaling into the void.  Like the trees that have now shed most of their summer clothing, I also wanted to free myself from the heavy noise inside my head.  Sunday morning, I rode the trail out to the pavilion.  Alone, I sat.  I wasn’t there to think.  I wasn’t there to solve any problems using my mind.  I was there to simply listen.  I was there to listen without using my ears.  I was there to listen to the messages that are not communicated by sounds or words.  I was there to listen to the silence.  Have you been listening?  Listen.

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