Monday, October 28, 2019


Rise. My emotions have been very close to the surface lately for some reason. I could really feel them come up during my last ride. The feeling would have made me feel quite nervous and uncomfortable not too long ago. I would have certainly tried to numb the sensation and stuff everything back in. But now, I try to just let it all rise and gently move through me in a continuous flow. I have come to recognize the feeling as a powerful reminder of being alive. In fact, it’s when I feel most alive. It’s when I feel most human. It’s when I feel most grateful. It’s when I feel most creative. It’s when I feel most connected. Everything else is really just a cheap substitute. Our entire life is in our emotions. All of it. It isn’t in what we do or in what we think. It’s in how deeply we are able to feel. Our minds are necessary for our survival, but we’re not meant to live there. We’re meant to live in our emotions. Feeling good is about becoming good at feeling. What do you do with your emotions when they try to surface? Do you stuff them back in? Or do you lean in and just let them… Rise.

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