Wednesday, January 1, 2020


Resolutions. During the time of the year when we all look back to evaluate our life progress as well as set objectives for the next trip around the sun, I ponder. I wonder why there is so much self-improvement hoopla on January 1st compared to the rest of the year? I mean, technically, for all other animals living on earth, it’s just a regular day. Maybe we’re just way too busy the rest of the year? When I consider the questions from the standpoint of the measurable achievements and accolades accomplished this past year, I definitely feel as if I am falling short. I didn’t get a promotion at work. I didn’t win any special award. I didn’t earn a new title. I didn’t make more money. I didn’t move into a luxury home in an affluent neighborhood. I didn’t purchase a fancy expensive car. In fact, I don’t really have anything special or impressive to show for on the outside. But, I have lost and let go of many things on the inside. Fear. Self-doubt. Guilt. Shame. Self-defeating thoughts. An inner alchemy and purification of sorts. The result of lots of ongoing inner work and expansion. All invisible from the outside, but more important to me personally than any physical thing that I could have manufactured, produced or built. Daring to go where I was once so very afraid to go is the most important work that I continue to do. Don’t measure your progress only by what you have accomplished on the outside. Look within. Dare to explore your inner sky. Happy New Year! Resolutions.

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