Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Wild horses

Wild horses. I purposely haven’t made any resolutions or set any ride goals for 2020. Humans are the only animals that set objectives and spend time comparing themselves against measurable benchmarks. All other animals just go about living, simply being, without comparison. Society conditions us at a very young age that we are not enough. And we spend our lives trying to measure up and prove our worth. Other animals know that they are fine just the way that they are. Too often, goals usually just end up making me feel bad about myself instead of making me accountable to follow through. My motivation to ride my bike is intrinsic. It’s not about chasing results anymore. It isn’t even about chasing physical fitness. That’s simply a secondary benefit of riding. It’s about the heightened awareness that it gives me. The grounded feeling. The clarity. The open space. The peaceful silence. The aliveness. The high-vibrational state. The healing. The connection to nature at that perfect speed. Fast enough to enable me to take in more than I do when walking. Slow enough that my surroundings aren’t lost in a speedy blur. Don’t make your rides a punishment driven by fear of inadequacy. Make your rides an act of self-love. Like wild horses, we’re not meant to be tamed and controlled by fear. Like wild horses, all that we really want is to run free. Wild horses.

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