Thursday, January 9, 2020


School. I have come to understand that all of our actions either come from fear or from love. Fear hardens. Love softens. Fear closes. Love opens. Like darkness, which is the absence of light, fear is simply the absence of love. Fear isn’t something that needs to be conquered or fixed. The antidote to fear is simply love. Fear exists as a means to protect us. But we are not meant to live there. We are meant to live in love. My solo Sunday rides are like attending my own private school, where I am both the student and the teacher. The lessons coming to me as I settle into my spin. Alone, in the woods, away from the many distractions, the voice inside my head starts to make so much more sense. I’m not exactly sure how, but riding makes me smarter. Riding also make me a better person, happier and calmer. It makes more of my actions come from a place of love rather than fear. I’ve been experiencing a lull in my riding lately. My body is asking me back off, but my mind really still wants to go. It just loves and misses going to school.

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