Thursday, March 11, 2021

Bridging towards spring

Daylight savings time change this weekend.  Spring in less than 2 weeks.  Winter is almost over.  Almost.  The sun has already changed.  It’s brighter.  It’s stronger.  Even the birds sound different.  Nature slowly re-awakening.  This spring appetizer.  There are maybe 2 or 3 snow fat bike weekends left.  Maybe.  Once the temps get above freezing, I usually ride on the road instead of fat biking through the messy slush and mud.  Winter off road riding is very clean when it’s cold.  Even cleaner than road riding on a dry sunny summer day.  Studded tires floating on the frozen snow base.  Solid H2O asphalt.  Friday was a perfect winter fat bike morning.  Cold enough to keep things firm. -10 Celsius.  Light winds.  I didn’t have a planned route.  I only knew when and where I was starting.  I would let the ride decide.  Up the ATV trail.  I turned left heading east.  I kept riding.  Down to this cool train bridge.  Last time I had been here was 3 years ago.  Deep in the woods.  This eerie vitality.  Graffiti.  Old bridge piers.  As my 53rd winter here on this earth winds up, I feel so very grateful.  For my health.  For my family and friends.  Thank you existence for all of these gifts.  Even if part of me longs for warmer days ahead, when I really am present here and now, there isn’t anywhere else that I’d rather be.

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