Monday, March 15, 2021

Giant Bicycle Canada Ambassador

I was obsessed with motocross as a young kid.  Unable to afford dirt bikes, me and my friends pretended to be our motorcycle heroes on our pedal bikes.  Making the buzzing engine sounds as we rode.  Trying so very hard to kick up dirt as our skinny legs pushed as hard as they could on the pedals.  Searching for trails.  Building dirt jumps.  Getting dirty.  Endlessly exploring.  My cycling passion was born during these times.  Literally cultivated in the same dirt that we rode on every single day.  My dream of racing BMX became my reality in 1982.  From that point on, my entire existence revolved around the bike.  If I wasn’t sleeping, eating or at school, I was riding.  Even through high school, I still rode every day, until I moved for university in 1987.  4 years later, in 1991, really missing bikes, I bought my very first mountain bike.  It felt so good to be back.  I jumped back into racing as the sport boomed in the 90s.  Always fond of the brand, in 2006, I picked up my very first Giant.  The new Anthem with the revolutionary Maestro suspension platform.  I fell madly in love.  Fast forward 15 years to now and I’m still riding Giant bikes.  Road.  Gravel.  And true to my dirt roots, Mountain also.  I don’t race anymore, but carving knobby tires through buff single track still takes me back every single time.  Back to how I felt ripping through the dirt as a kid.  Well, minus making the buzzing engine sounds.  Thank you so very much @GiantBicycleCanada and @MikesBikeShop for supporting me and my addiction.  I am so very honoured and stoked to be a Giant Bicycle Canada Ambassador for 2021.  And what do you think of the new kit?  Do you love it as much as I do?!  See you out on the trails soon…


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