Wednesday, March 3, 2021


Happiness is this life commodity that we just can’t seem to put our finger on.  It may be because it isn’t a thing.  A feeling maybe?  A state of being?  Happiness is very personal.  Society will never be happy.  Only the individual people in it can be happy.  We most often blame the world, other people and our circumstances for our unhappiness.  But in reality, it’s an inside job.  Happiness is always a choice that we continuously need to make.  Now I’m not talking about forced happiness or fake positivity, telling ourselves that we are happy and well even when we can’t feel it.  We will never be able to lie ourselves to happiness.  True happiness is beyond ego.  It has depth.  Not taking things personally.  No expectations.  Existence doesn’t owe us anything.  Simply believing that it does will always rob us of our happiness.  Happiness is our birthright.  It isn’t something that we gain or achieve.  It’s about letting go.  Opening our eyes to the gifts that life keeps giving us each and every day.  Like this taste of spring last Sunday.  Snow melting.  Temp hovering around + 4 Celsius.  A road spin to get out of my head.  A moving meditation inspiring me beyond mind.  Happiness. 


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